People matter at Sundog Retreat. We’re glad to welcome guests from all over the world, and we love working together to create a great place for your vacation.

Heather Finton likes to travel to serene places, and loves to help create tranquility for you to enjoy. Join her in the Earth Room for meditation, or tell her about your journey when she meets you at the airport. She’s happy to welcome you to Sundog Retreat, where she has raised her boys and spent many happy hours wandering through the boreal forest.

Lisa lives at Sundog Retreat and helps prepare your cottage before your arrival. She also brings her skills to her alternative medicine practice in Whitehorse. Lisa has lived in rural Yukon for over 25 years and has worked to protect our unique ecosystems. She’s happy to explore your questions about life in our northern environment. 

Andrew Finton loves to build, and he’s happy to host your stay in one of the private cottages we’ve built over the years. You may see him covered in wood chips from making the hand-turned oil lamps for sale in our Sunroom. He’s our go-to guy for solving challenges. A big heart in a tall guy.

Meredith can see Sundog Retreat from her house and her commute to work might be the nicest in the Yukon!
It’s usually on skis or a bike and sometimes under the northern lights.
She loves this neighbourhood and can often be found adventuring and exploring down by the Yukon River with her daughter and dog.