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our growing community

Summer 2020 was the start of our Sundog Veggies project to increase local food security and provide summer employment in our community.

We could not have produced such a delicious harvest for Yukon families without the support of so many individuals and organizations.

In it together… for a healthy future.



Heartfelt thanks to:

Advanced Education Staffing Up, Agriculture Canada , Aileen McCorkell, Alexander Kiriak, Amanda Deuling, Angus Clarke, Anju Perren, Anne Macaire, Anne Savoie, Antje Schiebel, Ben Williams, Bianca Martin, Bill Thomas, Brianna Heal, Bruce and Cathy Dunk, Bruce and Bonnie MacDonald, Candy’s Fruit Stand, CanNor, Carmen Perren, Carolyn Gutteridge, Cheri-Lynn Van Delst, Cliff Hanna, Cole Sinclair, Colette Acheson, Dale Bort, David Blakely Contracting, David Trick, Desiree Tamminga, DonaSun Novecosky, Donna and Lex Widdis, Eleanor O’Donovan, Elijah Morberg, Elizabeth Lee, Felix Maltais, Fireweed Market, Fred Smith, Garrett Gillespie, Gerry Stockley, Giorgio’s, Glenda Koh, Greg Orloff, Harvey Gabriel, Heidi Marion, Ian and Liz Sine, Jacob Finton, Jamie Richardson, Janelle Hardy, Jennifer Setterfield, Jessica Green, Joan Giammarco, John Lenart, Joshua Lesage, Joshua Willoughby, Julie Jai, Kris Schneider, Kristina Craig, Kwanlin Dun Elders Program, Laird Crow, Lea Bayliss, Lea-Ann Dorval, Lisa Alton, Lisa Taylor, Lisanna Sullivan, Luke Boone, Lynn Pigage, Lynne Pajot, Maggie and Bill Leary, Marcus Deuling, Marijane Moses, Marilyn Penner, Matthew Strudwick, Mayerlin Susy Lima Angulo, Meredith Winkelaar, Michael Zuccarini, Mike Kramer, Morgan Spray, Morris Lamrock, Nancy & Steve Cutway, Nansi Cunningham, Nathalie Mather-Dugas, Neil, Traci and Andrew Zeller, Nils and Janet Clarke, Oskar Buchanan, Otto Muelbach, Peter Johns, Potluck Food Co-Op, Remie Cherepak, Rita Rosa, Rob Horne, Robert Perren, Rosie Lang, Roy Ness, Sam Finton, Sarah Ouellette, Sidney Maddison, Steve Cooper, Steve Mackenzie-Grieves, Sue and Ross Findlater, Susie Anne Bartsch, Suzanne Duncan, Sylvia Gibson, Ta’an Kwa’chan Elders Program, Tammy Beese, Tana Shepherd, Tao Albertini, Teresa Kozakewich, TIA Yukon, Trish Eccles, Tum-Tum’s Meats, Whitehorse Food Bank, Wykes Independent Grocer, Yukon Agriculture Branch, Yukon Business Relief Fund, Yukon Fruit Stand/Sun Best, Yukon Grain Farm, Yukon University PIVOT program.

Sundog Veggies – Your Local Whitehorse Food Producer

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